Brand Design Masterclass.

A Brand is a living entity, it can suffer, thrive or simply just lose its value and stamina. Your job as a brand designer isn't just to build a nice-looking symbol, but to create a living entity that can grow and evolve without losing its core. 


This 6-week virtual live class is designed for brand designers eager to refine their expertise, expand their knowledge, & elevate their careers.


Week 1: Introduction to Brand Design

Understanding the role of Brand design in business success.
The evolution of branding: An historical perspective.
The importance of consistency in Brand design.
Client onboarding: Conducting effective discovery sessions.

Week 2: Interpreting a Brand Strategy Document

Analyzing subtle nuances in tone, voice, and messaging.
User personas: Exploring emotions, aspirations, and motivations.
Translating brand traits into design elements: From abstract concepts to visual elements.
Conducting brand audits & competitor analysis for informed visual identity.


Week 3: Visualizing Concepts with Stylescapes & Moodboards.

Developing Brand Identity concepts through style scapes.
Moodboards & stylescapes, where and how to use them. 
Case studies: Effective style scapes in real-world branding projects.
The role of color theory and psychology in branding.

Week 4: The Logo Design Process

Hands-on workshop: Creating logos and brand assets.
Presenting logos: Using a real-life project as a case study.
Integrating typography and symbols for cohesive logo designs.

We will be breaking down real-life projects by Geneza Brands 


Week 5: Developing a Visual Identity System

Crafting a visual language:
Creating custom icons, illustrations, and patterns.

Guidelines for image selection & treatment.
Maintaining consistency in imagery and iconography across a brand's visual identity.
Capstone project: Designing a complete visual identity system for assigned brands.


Week 6: Application & Presentation

Designing brand collateral: Business cards, brochures, & more.
Presenting brand identity to clients: Articulating design choices & rationales.
Applying brand identity to various media and platforms.

At the end of the masterclass, certificates will be awarded to students who meet the qualification criteria.


In addition to the Masterclass, you also get to,

Join an exclusive Slack channel for direct communication with Bolanle Banwo Osadolo, our seasoned industry expert. This is your unique opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and gain invaluable insights from one of the best in the business.
Get personalized guidance to enrich your learning journey and fast-track your development as a brand designer.

Exclusive Resources: 
You will also gain access to exclusive resources, including design templates & recommended reading materials, curated to enhance your learning experience.

Access to the class recordings:
At the end of the 6-week training, you'll get unlimited access to every recorded training session. This ensures you can revisit any lesson, fill in any missed gaps, or simply review at your convenience.

Course Tutor


Bolanle Banwo Osadolo

Lead Brand Designer & Founder, Geneza Brands.

Bolanle Banwo Osadolo is a Brand Identity designer and design advocate from Lagos, Nigeria. She is the founder of Geneza Brands, an agency that specializes in helping brands build strong identities and tell compelling stories through creative designs.
She is also the Founder of The Female Designer Movement ( Azari ) ...


At the end of our Brand Design Masterclass, participants will be awarded a certificate. To uphold the integrity of this recognition, attendees must maintain a minimum class attendance of 75% and submit all required practical projects.



Training Fee

Early Bird: ₦125,000

Dates: 2024

Cohort 1: April 13th - May 18th

Cohort 2: June 1st - July 6th

Cohort 3: September 7th - October 12th 

Live Classes:
Classes will be conducted live online on Coachli, each session spanning two hours. It's essential to allocate dedicated time to attend these sessions.

Pre-Class Preparation:
Before each session, you'll receive materials and design assets to work on projects throughout the week. These assignments are integral to your learning journey and will enhance your understanding of the topics covered.

Commitment Requirement:
As this masterclass aims to propel your design career to new heights, consistent attendance and active participation are mandatory.

Certificate Eligibility:
Certificates will only be issued to participants who maintain at least a 75% attendance rate and complete assigned projects. This ensures the integrity and value of the certification.

Contact Information:
For any inquiries or assistance, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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